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Health & Safety Rules for Suppliers

General Site Conduct

  1. All Coomers branches have signage indicating the most basic safety rules at each branch.
  2. The use of electronic devices such as phone and headphones are strictly forbidden in the loading areas.
  3. Obey the site speed limit of 5 mph.
  4. Please be aware that signage when approaching the yard may advise you to wait in certain areas and report to the yard staff prior to driving into the yard.
  5. Upon arrival at the branch please report to the Counter or Yard staff. They will tell you where to park.
  6. We expect all drivers to arrive with the appropriate PPE. As a minimum we expect you to wear a high visibility vest when out of your cab and safety footwear. NB: if you do not have the appropriate PPE Coomers will provide you with it and charge your employer for it.
  7. Please be aware there will be staff as well as customers in our yards. Take care when driving.
  8. When on foot in the yard, ensure you keep to the walkways where present. Take care as there will be other vehicles operating in the yard.
  9. Whilst every effort is made to keep the yard surface clear please ensure you check your walking route for any hazards such as ground unevenness which may cause you to stumble.
  10. When parking or driving do not block or restrict the walkways.
  11. Please be aware that all our staff have been asked to challenge unsafe behaviour and will be backed by Management. Our staff will not be expected to tolerate any form of abuse – physical or verbal. If you are not acting safely you may be asked to leave the site.
  12. Look after yourself and those around you and work safely.
  13. If you are concerned about your safety then please stop what you are doing and speak to a member of our staff.
  14. Never enter a restricted area.
  15. Should you have an accident on site you must report this to a member of the Coomers staff immediately. The Manager will gather all the relevant information. Do not just leave site.


Unloading Deliveries

  1. If you are able to call the yard in advance and inform them of your arrival time this may reduce your waiting time.
  2. If you have to wait outside the yard to be unloaded please follow instructions and ensure you wait in a safe area.
  3. Please only unload in areas as directed by our staff.
  4. Please be courteous to our staff and our customers. We will always try to get you unloaded as soon as possible.
  5. Injuries through falls whilst working at height are a common problem within our industry. Don't access the back of your vehicle unless you really have to. Do whatever you can at ground level.
  6. If you do have to access the vehicle then never jump down. Always use the handholds and foot holds to disembark. In addition if you are on the back of a vehicle we expect you to be wearing a hard hat with a restraining device. NB: if you do not have the appropriate PPE Coomers will provide you with it and charge your employer for it.
  7. You should not be reversing without a banksman/watchman. If at any point you lose sight of the banksman/watchman in your mirrors then please stop the vehicle and let them know.
  8. Ensure that you remain a safe distance from moving plant such as the lift truck unloading your delivery. Never approach a lift truck from the rear. Always make eye contact with the driver and wait for the truck to stop before moving within 2 metres of the truck.
  9. Please note that you may be asked to wait in your vehicle cab whilst unloading is taking place.
  10. Please be aware that you should confirm you are permitted to move your vehicle if it requires reversing as a banksman/watchman may be needed to assist you.

What Our Customers Say...

“I have shopped in all building shops round the South East and yes I have met some friendly staff elsewhere too, but nothing like Coomers in Bordon. Absolutely brilliant staff - 10/10. If your company needs training on customer service, send them there for induction. WELL DONE!!”

Customer J

“I've been a customer for over 20 years and I find the staff friendly and efficient. Competitive prices and well.” stocked. Great customer service.”

Customer I

“Our grateful thanks for our new kitchen - we really are fortunate to have such professionals on our doorstep and would always advocate using 'local' where possible."

Customer H

“Your staff were very helpful, gave good advice and put other places we had visited to shame!”

Customer G

"Top notch service and great value always."

Customer F

“I have been using these guys for about 6 or 7 years and they are excellent. They always get my order right, deliver when I want and always remember my name when I go into the shop! Top marks!”

Customer E

“Many, many thanks to your lovely staff. The chap who dropped off the goods was so helpful and kind.”

Customer D

"I want to congratulate you on the excellent service your team provides. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. In short it is an enjoyable experience trading with your team, congratulations again and many thanks."

Customer C

“Exceptionally friendly & helpful business, good stock levels, sound advice. Willing to go out of their way to help. Staff get on very well together. So much better than its rivals.”

Customer B

“My sincere thanks for the help given by your staff. Without exception I was treated with the utmost courtesy & consideration. It was a real pleasure to ‘shop’ at Coomers.”

Customer A
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