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What Tools Do I Need to Build Decking?

 Mar 2020

You’ve finally sketched out your deck, decided on what material you’re using, and even cleared out the space in garden where you are going to build it from the ground up. You think you have all the tools necessary – but not so fast - your rusty hammer and saw that have been sitting in the shed - which have saved you on multiple DIY occasions around the house - just aren’t going to cut it this time. Indeed, this time you will need a particular set of tools and we’re here to help! Below is a detailed list of the essential tools you will need to bring your project to life – most of which can be found on our website here.


Tools for Measuring

To build a quality deck you will need to constantly check that the overall frame, including the joists, are level, straight and square so that you don’t end up with a warped deck. For this, you will need the following:

  • Measuring tape – 8Mtr long tape measure should be enough.
  • Chalk or pencil – to quickly create straight lines (opt for chalk for better visibility).
  • Spirit level – to check that the boards are level.
  • Builder’s line – to increased visibility and better visual of the site.


Tools for Excavation

There will be some digging involved in the process which means you will need the following:

  • Spade shovel - this will also be very useful for clearing debris throughout the entire process.


Faithful Shovel

Tools for Cutting

Building a deck involves a certain degree of precision cutting (this is where the chalk will also come in handy). For this you will need:

  • Handsaw – Your standard handsaw will be useful for most cuts when it comes to sizing the frame.
  • Jigsaw - This will come in handy for those very narrow straight-line cuts as well as curved cuts.
  • Cross-cut Circular saw – Perfect for trimming boards after you have laid your deck.

Hand Tools

There are various other power saws that you could use to make life a little easier, however they come at a cost, so if you don’t already own one you may consider renting instead of buying.


General Tools for Construction

Once you have your planning tools to hand, you can use them to keep things straight and level as you progress through the building process.

The hands-on tools you will need to actually build the deck will depend on the specifics of the job, but you can’t go wrong with the general all-purpose tools below.

  • Hammer – You’re going to need one of these to bang in posts that support the decking joists as well as other fastening tasks, for instance securing the framing with nails.
  • Decking screws – Ensure your frame stays secure with decking screws and be sure to choose the right type for your deck boards. If you’ve chosen to go with Timber decking, you will need standard steel decking screws. However, if you have opted for composite decking you will need specialist composite decking screws – we also provide those here.
  • Drill – You will need a drill to fasten the decking screws to secure certain parts of the frame where a nail would otherwise be inadequate. For safety, you should absolutely opt for a cordless drill if you can, to avoid tripping over wires.
  • Safety Goggles – Safety, safety, safety!


Ready to build?

Click here to learn how to put your tools to good use and build your very own raised deck.

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